Our Aims

  • Your Voice Advocacy Project (YVAP) is a registered charity (Reg No: 1001271) that provides advocacy for people with learning disabilities across the unitary authority areas of Neath Port Talbot and Swansea.
  • Our central aim is to promote the rights of people with a learning disability. We strive to enable them to understand and exercise these rights and to support informed decisions about their lives

Our Objectives

  • YVAP has the following objectives:

1)      To support and speak up for people who are unwilling or unable to speak up for themselves.

2)      To support and facilitate people to speak up for themselves.

3)      To enable people to make informed choices and to make their views and wishes known.

4)      To work in partnership with individuals and take their side

5)      To promote and raise awareness of independent advocacy to service users, the public and service providers



The Social Interaction Project (SIP)

  • The SIP Project is a new advocacy project for adults with learning disabilities run by Your Voice and funded by the Community Cohesion Fund in Neath Port Talbot and Baily Thomas Charitable Fund. The project include:
  • YVPG (Your Voice Participation Group) Service User Committee
  • The Your Voice Participation group (YVPG) is a committee made up of service users of Your Voice Advocacy Project.
  • The group aims to give people the chance to speak up with their ideas and opinions and is a way of the project finding out what its service users really think about things.
  • The group will meet every month in different places all over Neath Port Talbot and discusses issues that are relevant to the members in an open and friendly way.
  • As well as regular meetings, the group will get involved in fundraising activities, consultation events and take part in regular training.
  • The group will have access to contacts and knowledge through accessible information and resources to fulfil their needs and address their concerns.
  • Self Advocacy Social Groups
  • Your Voice Advocacy organises social groups made up of adults with learning disabilities which involve meeting up in a local pub, going for a meal, a trip to the theatre/cinema or a visit to local attractions and amenities once a month.
  • The events and venues are democratically chosen by the participants who work together to make a decision on where they want to go.
  • The groups will also have access to training/study trips and events to empower them with knowledge, skills and contacts to engage with the community and become a visible and active part of it.
  • The groups are a good chance to meet up and have a chat with friends in a relaxed place and are very popular. We aim to continue these events regularly where service users are supported by staff to enjoy the services and amenities of the community along with everyone else.
  • The aim of these groups is to increase the well-being of people with learning disabilities through their participation in the community promoting integration and social inclusion.
  • Check out our events page for listings!



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